Essential components and method of job training

Training is an essential part of the job in which the employee gets the knowledge and is able to enhance skills. Job training is important for each and every employee in any organization, it is essential and necessary. The importance of the job training cannot be denied because the person can learn during his working hour and he can save money which he spends by gaining training from outsourcing or institute. It is the duty of every organization to arrange such training sessions so that employee gets well educated and trained in the related field.

  1. Components of the job training.

The main components of the job training which are important in each session includes

Weakness of employees

No one is perfect in any field. Especially when the employee enters in any organization he has just the basic knowledge in his field. The basic component of the training is to identify the weakness of the employee and give him a chance to improve by practicing. The trainers assigned some task to the trainee so that they can improve their skills by involving in such activities and task that are useful in future.


The consistency is related to company’s basic policies. The employees are engaged in such programs so that they are able to build their skills to work comfortable their job environment.

Employee satisfaction

By this training session, the employee gets satisfaction as they know the company cares for them and they will grow in the company by better skills and talent which they get in the training program.

  1. Methods of job training

There are two basic methods of the job training

  • On the job training

This is the training method in which the beginners or newcomers learn by observing the working style of their boss and their high officials. This is cost-effective, as no special training class is required, the employee learns by sitting inside the office and get the experience related to his field. The training session includes

  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Job rotation
  • Job instruction technique
  • Apprenticeship
  • understudy
  • Off the job training

It is the job that involves the training outside of the office environment. The special training classes are arranged by the company where the employee learns without any practice or performance. The training session includes

  • Vestibule training
  • Lectures
  • Conferences
  • Simulation exercise
  • Sensitivity training
  • Transnational analysis

The methods are useful and help the employees to learn in different environments. The beginners not only gain the knowledge or skills but they also get confidence in them that helps in the future to grow and get success in their field, as well as their hard work, is helpful for the organization growth and reputation. The employee is able to perform in a better way after having the proper job training. If the company keep on organizing the training session it will keep employees n the cutting edge for the development of the industry or the firm in which he is working. It is the cost and time effective investment for the company as well as the employees.


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